July 31, 2017




Elder Carlson

Hello Everyone!!!!!!!!

So transfers happened...I'm now in my new area!!!! Pictures below of what it looks like.....

I'm having a great time here in Martinique with Elder Carlson. Together we are on fire. At first I thought it would be hard with someone like Elder Carlson because we are both "younger" but we are doing great. I feel like this is the first time in my mission where there is nothing holding me back; I can go out and do the work I've known how, but now I Know I can.

French has been great. I think I've finally accepted in my mind that I can actually speak French and that people understand me..... I know CRAZY HUH!!

Elder Carlson and I have been teaching a really nice man named Pierre. He's awesome and has a baptismal date for the 19th of August.

This transfer I was made District Leader. I now have to prepare leçons for District meetings every week. At first I was kinda nervous but then I realized it's just like preparing for FHE (Family Home Evening) back at home only less games and snacks and more discussions on baptism and role plays. I'm feeling blessed and under qualified for this calling but am eager to do the work!

It was also sad dropping off Elder Duplessis at the Airport but from what I hear he's doing just fine at home!!!!!

I hope everyone has a great week.
Excited for another week on the Lords errand

Avec Amour,
Elder Casady


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