June 19, 2017




Elder Duplessis

A Week of Blood

Good Morning Everybody,

It was a not so average week here in Martinique. The reason why is because I had an operation on my toe... YIKES!!

But as you can tell from the photos it wasn't tooooooooo bad.

The actual operation was a little bizarre, I wrote about it in my journal and it took like 8 pages to write everything down! It was just weird. I had to get dressed in this little gown and the nurses were weird but the weirdest part was being wide awake and watching a man give me stitches but I couldn't feel any of it.

But anyway the funniest part was after the operation they wrapped up my foot and we left. When we were leaving the hospital we were walking out and then I realized I had left a trail of bloody foot prints throughout the whole hospital!! So then they put me in a chair and wheeled me to a bed where I rested for about 2 hours.

After that I was on rest for a couple days until I started going out in my flip flops. Now I'm back to 85%. I'm wearing shoes and going out everyday.

In other news there is a new Elder in the Apartment Named Elder LaFontaine That makes 5 elders in the apartment!!!!!!!! Its been fun having him here so far.

But besides all that Elder Duplessis and I are doing great. We still went out this last week and found some New investigators.

One investigator in particular is named François. He shared his story with us about when he lived in Haiti during the earthquakes back before 2010. His daughter was seriously injured during the earthquake and was evacuated to Martinique for better care. He was telling us about how scared he was having his daughter taken from him in such a terrible time but that he eventually made it to Martinique. His daughter is still receiving treatments. He works multiple jobs paying for her treatments. It was crazy for me to hear this story and amazing that he took the time to listen to our message in his busy life.

Love you all and wish you all a good week!
Elder Casady


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