June 6, 2017




Elder Duplessis

Chantelle's Baptism

Bonjour a tous,

This week was one of the most rewarding weeks of my mission!

So Elder Duplessis and I, in preparation for the baptism this week, were doing what's called daily contacting. Which is basically finding absolutely any reason to call your investigator to make sure they are still breathing and still planning on being baptized. We called and met with Chantelle at her fruit stand everyday last week.

She is a trooper. She loves the leçons and each time we taught her people would come up and ask her why she was meeting with the "Mormons" and she would let them have it. She would practically smack them with the Book of Mormon.

Wednesday we had the baptismal interview and she passed!!! We were stoked!

Then this Saturday rolled around, we were nervous but confident that everything would run smoothly. Her service was great. We had other recent converts give talks at her baptism. It was a very humble and spiritual experience. It was such a blessing to see her get baptized.

The real nerves kicked in Sunday because she had asked me to give her the Gift of the Holy Ghost. For starters I was nervous about French but through prayer and fasting I felt confident during the confirmation even though it was hard to get it right the first time.

It was over all an amazing week. All the hardships we have faced this far were all worth the opportunity to bring a soul unto Christ.

In other news, I wanted to share these last couple weeks: I've been sewing shirt buttons and fixing the little things on the back of ties. Last week I gave myself a hair cut. It was intense!! I feel so independent!

Anyways, love you all. Have a great week!

Elder Casady
Photos For the week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chantelle right before her baptism with Elder Duplessis and me.

My zone leader Elder Pattison.

The church building here in Martinique. It's over an auto garage that luckily isn't open on Sundays.

Fort de France-the biggest city here in Martinique.

Sun Setting Photos for this last week......why not.

And lastly, Chantelle (on the left) and her fruit stand. This is where she works. Side note she can sell a mango to a dead person. She's the ultimate sales lady.


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