May 24, 2017




Elder Duplessis

Doors, Doors and More Doors

Dear Family, Friends, and Acquaintances.... WHAT'S UP!!!!!!!

Everything is great here in Martinique.

We have done a lot of contacting as you can tell by the title of this email.

We had started to go contacting at a small apartment complex and got some good people on one of the days. We had another Elder with us named Elder Madsen. He was with us all week from Guyane. He was here in Martinique for his Visa.

Something weird but really fun is going door to door with three people. We do it so much with just two people that it's weird to do it with three. But we came up with this approach where one of us would hide and the other two would do the contacting and when the moment was right the 3rd person would throw a Book of Mormon in the air and the other two missionaries would catch it. It was spectacular!

It would give the appearance that the Book was appearing out of thin air. The people loved it-it was like a magic show and a Gospel message!!!

But later on this week was a lot harder-we went contacting to this Mega Complex with over 700 apartments. We knocked on 204 Doors and got no contacts, not one. I've never been rejected so much in my mission. But I know the sacrifice will be worth it. The Lord will bless us with success if we continue to be diligent . We are still teaching Chantelle and Dexter. Chantelle is still expecting to be baptized next Saturday. It's hard for her because she's over 60 years old and one of her friends just passed away this last weekend. We expect to reshare the message of the Plan of Salvation to bring her comfort in this time.

Besides all that I couldn't be happier. I'm loving the mission and all the people the Lord has blessed me to work with.

Love you all and hope you all have another fantastic week!

Elder Casady

For photos this week we have.....

This really Cool Catholic Church and Socks & Sandals!!!!!!!!!!

Also my comp and me looking stylish.


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