April 24, 2017




Elder Kurtis Ballard

Fast But Not Furious

What a week! This week flew by in about 2 minutes.

So I'll start with Thursday, the day I had food poisoning. It was pretty bad. I think it was from some pizza from the night before (which was really good). But for some reason it got me bad.

Friday we had to go to the doctor's office-not for the sickness but for Ofii (which is for my French visa) We were in the office all day. They just had to see if we are all healthy and have all of our vaccines to stay. After that we went on exchanges. I was with Elder Marahiti (from Tahiti).

We had a really good discussion with our friend Vinceant (investigator). We talked about praying to know and reading the Book of Mormon which was just awesome. One of the best lessons I've taught. Vinceant was impressed that I can say that I know something even though I have no real proof. He said that is something he would like to have, a for sure testimony of God. I definitely felt the spirit. It was EPIC.

Sat Elder Marahiti and I had an appointment about an hour and a half walk away first thing in the morning. So we left on time and it started to rain-I mean pour on us the entire walk there. It was cool. We got to the lesson and the person had bailed. I remember her daughter said she wasn't there and I looked over at Elder Marahiti and we were both absolutely drenched. Then I thought of the song most commonly sung by missionaries, "Called to Serve." Then I thought this is exactly what I signed up for! I was smiling the entire rest of the day!! I love being a missionary! Later that day, Elder Fike (my zone leader) and I contacted door to door from 12 to 5. That's FIVE straight hours of contacting. Don't worry about me though because we got ice cream after.

Sunday we had church which was great but that evening we were weekly planning when Pres Eclair from the mission presidency called us and asked us if we were free to teach his family. We gladly said yes and he showed us his uncle's family. We had a great first leçon with them and got 5 new investigators that night alone. (side note Eclair means lighting in French)

So today the zone leaders picked us up and took us to Basse Terre for soccer. We played that with the whole zone then we went shopping for food and deodorant and stuff and then we drove back. Now I'm in Gosié doing emails. Also I had Chinese food for lunch-it was alright for Guadeloupe.

Overall it was a great week. I hope everyone had a good week as well. Thank you so much for everyone's emails. It means so much. Sorry I can't respond to everyone.

The first photo is of Point-a-pitre
The next is a photo of the church building in Basse-Terre
Some photos with members

Elder Casady

Mom and Dad, one of the sister missionaries just reminded me to tell you about Button-Button game. So about a month and a half ago for a p-day we were playing games and we didn't know what to play Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo I showed everyone Button-Button and everyone loved it. It's like the missionaries favorite game now!!!!!!!


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