April 3, 2017




Elder Kurtis Ballard

I'm Still Alive

Sorry about last week, I couldn't find the time to write and this last week was full of doctor's appointments and a lot of waiting.

But this next week should be awesome.

So for most of the week we had to go to the doctor but our Zone Leaders were in Barbados for MLC so we had no ride and it's about a 25 (min?) drive with no connecting bus so we didn't know how we were going to get there. But luckily for us we had Frère Robby who gave us a ride to the doctor because he is the greatest member of the Church!!!! Still so grateful for him. I'll include a photo of him and his super nice Mercedes. (two pictures of Robby included)

But this week was also amazing because of General Conference which was really, really, really, really good. I felt the Spirit so strongly when Président Monson addressed us about the Book of Mormon. He said that we must continue to read it Daily and PRAYERFULLY. But another major theme I found through the whole conference was, Charity: the pure love of Christ. On my mission it is sometimes hard to love people as they mock you or refuse you because of your beliefs and sometimes the last feeling I have for them is love. But Elder Palmer of the seventy said that,

"Those who are hardest to love, need to be loved the most."

I testify that those words are true. We are all children of God and we must all love each other as brothers and sisters.

I know that this truly is the Lord's Church. That this Gospel is centered around the love of Jesus Christ and that when we are acting through Charity we are doing the will of God.

I hope everyone will have a good week and remember their Savior as we get closer to Easter Sunday.

Elder Casady

Also, I got sandals. Check them out-they are so cool! PHOTO BELOW

Truman, glad to hear about getting the job at McDonald's. That's dope!!!!!!!!

Winston, don't even think about getting taller than me!


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