March 13, 2017




Elder Kurtis Ballard

Jean Jackets and Missionary Work

So as you can tell by my amazing heading, this was a great week!

So I was on a bike all week and I'm feeling the burn!

This week we had a lot of good things going for us. We taught a lot of really good leçons with some new Amis de L'Eglise (investigators).

We taught someone this last week named Vinceant. We have taught him before and actually had a baptismal date with him. He is a Métropolitaine and this week we were able to teach him about the Plan de Salut (plan of salvation). Which is the plan that God prepared for us so we may one day return to him. It went really well. He accepted the plan and seemed very willing to act. We explained to him the importance of prayer and about praying to know if these things are true. And that in my eyes prayer is one of the most powerful gifts God has given us. That acting in faith we can talk to our God, the creator of the universe. Whenever, God is always listening! What an amazing gift that is! We shared with him that whenever he has a big life decision that he should first turn to God. He excepted our challenge and this week we will follow up with him and see how he is doing with prayer and reading the scriptures! Pray for Vinceant!

In church last week our président de collège (elders quorum president) resigned which was not very good. There are people in our branch who think they could run the branch better than the current branch président so there have been some outbursts in church and some arguing. For the last couple of weeks it's been getting worse and worse. But this last week Président Herrighton (mission prez) came to church and established order and called a new quorum président! We are excited because this is really going to help further the work of our area and mission.

This last week we also found out that statistically this is one of the smallest church areas in the world and it is one of the last missions without a Stake or over 1,900 members of the church. This mission is yet to have any wards!

So on to the jean jacket part-last night we visited Frère Rozas (one of my favorite members) and he gave us his old jean jackets that he's had for over 40 years. He bought them in Paris when he was in his 20s!!! I'm wearing the jacket right now! He will forever be the coolest member! I have included many photos of the whole event. I also included one of Point a Pitre (an area in my mission) and pictures of my comp because it's the end of the transfer. I'M DONE BEING TRAINED and chances are we will be splitting this next transfer.

With all that being said, I hope everyone has a great week. I love you all and am so grateful for all your support. Have a great week!

Elder Casady


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