February 13, 2017




Elder Kurtis Ballard

The Daily Day to Day

So what is it like to be a Missionary?

Well here is our new schedule:

We wake up at 6:30 and we exercise for 30 minutes till 7:00 then we get ready for the day by 8:00.

At 8:00 we do daily planning for 30 min and at 8:30 we have personal study where we just study from the scriptures for an hour.

We then prepare to leave and leave by 10 in the morning. From 10-12 it's proselyting till lunch.

Lunch is an hour long then it's language study which is an hour long and then we are out the door till 8 that night. We can take dinner if we want to but that is also proselyting time.

So from 12-8 we are proselyting. That is when we go contacting (look for people to teach), do service or teach leçons with Amis de L'église ( investigators). At 8pm it is too dangerous to be out so we have companion study and our day is over by 9:00.

The schedule is different in different missions to allow for better times to go contacting. For example, in Africa the missionaries go out earlier like 8am and are back by 6pm. And in Latin America they sleep in more so they can proselyte till 10pm to be more effective missionaries.

So this week was awesome...

Me and Elder Ballard saw some crazy animal abuse this week (I'll include photos). We were teaching a leçon with this man named John and then his dog was digging under a bush and he jumped up and BEAT this dog with a machete for a minute straight and then he came back and pretended nothing even happened. He is literally insane. I have never seen something so crazy until a few days later we were contacting this man and his wife outside and they were really nice people and then we heard a pig going nuts. We came around the house and saw 6 guys taking turns hitting this pig with a sledge hammer in the face until it died then they started to cut it open. It was crazy!

John gets even crazier because he found us later that week in our apartment so now he knows where we live. He took us out to go get soup. We just think he's a crazy guy but he's still a Child of God and still an investigator. So went to get soup and the place we went to had only two soup options:
1) Horse Soup
2) Cow intestines Soup
So naturally I went with COW INTESTINE soup and it was the first time on my mission I really wanted to throw something up at the exact second it went into my throat.

Also this week we got to cast demons out of a members house. It started off as a home teaching appointment then she started telling us that a room in her house was possessed so we went in there and cast the demons out with the priesthood.

This week we also made Banane pesé which is a Haitian meal. We made it in the apartment. It is a fried banana with a kind of coleslaw on it. It's really good. I took a photo of course.

In terms of spiritual stuff we had a really, really good leçon with our 3 Amis Lina, Roger, and Lizebethe. They are so amazing and it really is a testimony that the Lord really is preparing his people to hear the message of the restored gospel.

My French is finally getting there. It is still bad but Lina told me in the last leçon with her that my French is getting better. It really comes from just trying to speak in leçons and putting myself out there.

But anyways have a great week. Love you all so much.
Elder Casady

A photo of Abymes, a city in Guadeloupe.

Banane pesé

Some kids of an investigator. Whips are really, really popular here and all the kids play with them so you never know if there are gun shots or kids playing with whips in the distance, but they are super cool.

And the last photo is of the pig right before they cut it open.

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Ryan Mahoney says:
Elder Casady you are going to have stories to tell when you are home!
on February 16, 2017

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