January 23, 2017




Elder Kurtis Ballard

Windows 98

Windows 98. That is the name of the current opporating system that I'm using right now. Oh, how I love slow technology.

So this has been an awesome week. So last week I told you about how I was going to set some baptism dates; well this week we set 2 of them and I will tell you all the juicy details.

So the first one is with Vinceant. He's an older guy from France who designed video games. He's retired in Guadeloupe. For his leçon (lesson) I bore my testimony on the BOM (Book of Mormom) and how I came to know its truthfulness. He accepted to be baptized on Feb 11.

Our other date is with a man named Pierre which is French for Peter. He's a really really nice guy and we have been in touch with him for a while but we finally taught with him on Wednesday and when he invited us into his home I was stunned at how small his house was. I was almost ashamed for how much living space I "need". His entire house was tin and wood and I would say it was about as big as a queen sized bed. All of his belongings were in an area no bigger than a bed. I sat on a stool that's also his container for all of his food. When we taught him I felt an overwhelming impression of the love of God and that God truly Loves this Man. I stopped looking at him like a baptism date and started looking at him like a brother.

Pierre has a baptism date for the 4th of February. He didn't come to church yesterday because he has been sick so we visited him instead. We pray for Pierre each day.

Yesterday was church and we had 3 amis (friends) to church. We had contacted an apartment complex a couple of weeks ago and we meet this lady named Lina. She was interested and gave us her number so when we came back for a leçon we were surprised that she had all of her friends over and their families. She and all her friends came Sunday which was the icing on top of the cake this week.

Anyways my time is short so I have to go.
Love you all tremendously. Have a great week.

Love Elder Casady

To Clarissa:
Clarissa I love you and miss you a lot. I know you turn 10 in a couple of months and that's crazy. Keep doing your homework after school and I'll try to send you a gift from the Caribbean.
Love Elder Casady

To Mom:
Also mom, thanks for using the email list. It means a lot. You're the best! Got to go...sorry. And the plaque looks awesome. I miss Gavin and Vivian especially.
Elder Casady


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