January 17, 2017




Elder Kurtis Ballard

2 Months!

2 months flewwwwwwwwww by! If this is how the rest of the mission is it'll be over before I know it.

So bummer I forgot my camera this week. I was going to try to upload this week but I'm sorry no photos.

But this week was a little slower. Elder Ballard was sick when I got back from exchanges till Wednesday. Then we had zone conference on Thursday.

So the language has been improving a lot everyday. For language study I read the BOM (Book of Mormon) in French which is easy compared to the bible which is like reading Shakespeare.

I've been picking up a fair amount of Hatian Créole thanks to Elder Ballard. I had no idea how different it would sound.

For example, to say "how are you?" it's
Comment sa va (French)
Ka ou fa (in Créole)

If you have the time to look up the origins of Créole it's crazy.

I was going to talk about the food. The food here is super good. My favorite meal is banane pezé. It's a Haitian meal.

This week we met a lot of crazy people. For example, we meet Brother Rozas. We went to meet with him from a referral. Then he ended up giving us a lecture on voodoo and that it is of God. It was super weird. I'll send a picture of him next week.

The people here are super poor but so happy. They love when we speak to them in Créole.

We don't eat with members very often. We usually eat breakfast and lunch at home. Dinner is a maybe. Often we just get food at a store.

Today we went and played sports as a zone.

This week we are hoping to get two baptism dates with two investigators. One is Amis Benach, he's Hatian and married with two kids. His house has a good view of the water. We've been teaching him since I got here. He's just hard with keeping commitments. The other is Pierre. He's been coming to church this week we are hoping to get him a [baptism] date.

Anyways, that's about it for now. Love you all. I'm so grateful to be here.

Love you and miss you,
Elder Casady

Marnie: I've included additional excerpts addressed to Truman and Winston...

Winston you pathetic tub of lard,
When you see your teacher tell her Salut. It's a super casual hello in French. She will think it's kind of funny. You can also use it for goodbye.

Keep in eye on Truman. I know he's dating now.

The island here is crazy. It's almost like France because it's a French country so it's all french stuff. The food is amazing (don't tell mom).

It's so beautiful here!

Something funny to say in French is vassy mollo; which means; easy tiger. You can use that when you are flirting it up with the women.

Anyways this week I challenge you and Truman to read and fast about the Book of Mormon. You are both old enough. You have to pray to KNOW for yourselves if the Book of Mormon is true. Don't be afraid to not get an answer. If you ask sincerely, in time it will come .

I testify that the Book of Mormon is the word off Dieu (God) and you can know if you ask. Don't be afraid to ask.

Love you both lots

To Truman:
Well first off I hope you do pass your driving test Truman .

A little about the island, I'm driving here only I'm driving a turbo diesel Chevy Cruze. So heck yeah the drivers here are nuts.

There's a thing called a bisous and that's when you kiss someone on the cheeks. Everyone does it here even the men. Usually it's with someone you know but I've been kissed by several men now. We're not allowed to do it to women but I didn't know that so first dinner appointment was with this big black women and we kissed cheeks. I'm telling you this so you are prepared for when I get back. kiss kiss

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Ryan Mahoney says:
Elder Casady - you are hilarious. I am sure 'pathetic tub of lard' is a term of endearment in the Casady home. Don't worry I am sure each family has these sweet names for each other. I am sure the members out there love you - you've got a great personality. Truman did pass his driving test - we are all stoked for him to go on his first date. Keep the faith Elder - are you awesome! --Bro Mahoney
on January 17, 2017

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