January 5, 2017




Elder Kurtis Ballard

Late P-day Email

Marnie: This email arrived FOUR days after P-day! We assumed it would be late with the New Year holiday but panicked (okay, I panicked) when other moms got emails yesterday. Sweet Sister Herrington saw our mom-exchange on the facebook page and called Elders Casady and Ballard. She immediately wrote me to tell me that they were alive and well and that they were having trouble finding an internet cafe that was open and they would try again in the morning. Whew! In my defense: this is his first week in the field, we weren't exactly sure where he was assigned and it was our first time dealing with a holiday in a foreign country (where everything is more relaxed). I took a deep breath and said a prayer. All is well....again.

Elder Casady:
So first off, sorry for this late email. This week was crazy and right now I'm writing on a French keyboard which is wack.

So let me start off by saying this is an amazing place. It is so beautiful here I am in awe all the time. I'll try attaching photos but for this week a little shorter email. Next week will be good because I will have more time. I'll write on lundi (ask
Winston what day of the week that is).

The internet is super slow. I'll see if i can even send photos.

I'm really sorry about this email. I feel awful cause there is barely anything here. It is just a challenge to type write now.

I'm in Gosier. My area is half of the country.

The people here are super super nice and they love living here. They all speak French and most speak Créole which is French but ghetto.

My companion is Elder Ballard. He is amazing. He is from Utah and a super good trainer.
French is coming I try to speak as much as possible during lessons.

One of the biggest problems with investigators is the word of wisdom. WEED is everywhere.

So far on the day to day we have been going tracting. A lot last night. This guy went off in English that Jésus-Christ is Black. Lol.

Anyways love you all. Talk to you Monday.


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