June 25, 2018




Elder Johnson

Email to Mom

Hey Mom!!!

That's sweet hearing about Gavin's Birthday. I FEEL SO BAD when I forget to write home. I've been quite busy recently!! I just got called to go to Barbados so I leave tomorrow morning at 11. I have a new assignment. President Herrington said, "you'll be training a new mission president." lol. I feel a lot of stress but I'm excited. Don't worry about my package although I'm going to Barbados I'll come back to Gwada in about a week or so then I'm going back to Barbados.

Tell Gavin I said, "I love him and am so excited to get home and beat him up! I'm kinda scared though considering the fact of how much he's grown he might beat me up."

Mom you have to tell me what he says to that.

Tell the rest of the family that I love them.

And Mom don't get your hopes up for me cooking when I get home.... There is a difference between "CAN" cook and "SHOULD"

AND MOM CONGRATS ON YOUR BAPTISM ANNIVERSARY IN THE CHURCH-THAT'S AMAZING! I'm always so proud to tell people your conversion story!

Elder Cameron Casady

Dave and I were able to chat with him on Hangouts this morning too. He said he will be the AP (Assistant to the President) and go on a mission tour with President Fisher visiting 8 countries in the next two weeks! It's a great assignment that will allow him to learn more and see more of the mission that he probably wouldn't have time to see otherwise. He is really excited to go back to Martinique to visit his recent converts, Phillipe and Gladys. We are so excited for him! Also, his new mission president is from Sacramento, of all places!-Marnie


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