May 21, 2018




Elder Johnson

Rusty Boats and Eternal Ordinances

Well, Well, Well here we are once again with another weekly email, how's the weather everyone? I bet its not like here!! This week it rained a lot more than usual. I even kind of wanted to buy an umbrella.

But this week kicked off with this massive RUSTY boat that washed up against the shore during a hurricane a long time ago. It's been there for a while, so for last p-day we went exploring through it. It was kinda sketchy. One elder took a step and the floor was so rusty that he fell right through the it. He fell waist deep but he caught himself just like Indiana Jones. I finally realized that's why we have work out time every morning. They say in the mission field you learn something new everyday!

Looking back through my planner this week was kind of hard. I don't think a single appointment worked out. They all fell through. But it all worked out with Julie. Julie was baptized by her older brother Jousé. The service went great and the spirit was super strong. Other cool things that happened this week....

We played soccer yesterday morning with all the young men in the branch they are sooo good it was super fun. I finally feel confident trash talking them in French. They are so fun. We are hoping that we can go teaching with more of them. We are trying to build our relationship with them so they want to come out with us.

Last night we had a FHE with a member. Originally she had some friends coming but last minute they had to cancel. But regardless we played a homemade version of Headbandz. Everyone was a thing and they had to guess what they were. There were four of us playing, I'll give you the order in which people won and what they were:

1. Elder Johnson: Grenouille (frog)
2. Soeur DesFontaine: Cheval (horse)
3. Me: Bombe à Hydrogène (hydrogene bomb)
4. Frère Bearamis: tortue (turtle)

My word was by far the hardest.......

Other than that the week was great. Elder Jonson and I are planning big things for these next couple of weeks.

Later today we're going to a museum here called Memorial Acte. It is all about slavery and apparently is a really nice museum so I'm excited.

Love you all. I feel so blessed to be here. I hope I can keep the motivation until the end.

Elder Casady


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