April 23, 2018




Elder Johnson

Mathieu Honorat

This last week was awesome! Elder Johnson and I have been working up in Ste. Rose, a small town just north of us, it's a little drive of maybe 15-20 mintues which basically feels like a road trip especially because we have a van. So we've been going there a lot the people are so kind it's kinnda ridiculous. Contacting has been so fun recently.

We ran into these two cool people this week that are a father and son both from Haiti. They are so nice but I feel bad for the son, he's probably 15 or 16 and he almost can't read at all. The son, Delmando, has only been in Guadeloupe for a couple months. He has no friends and he barley speaks French so it's hard for him. He's going to school next year so he's got some time to adjust.

The only reason they came here is because life is just so bad in Haiti. So the father worked forever to come to Guadeloupe and he's been working these last couple of years to get his son over here too so they're pretty happy.

Because Guadeloupe and Martinique are Territories of France, The economy and the education system and really everything is way better than most of the other islands in the Caribbean. That's why there are so many immigrants.

Mathieu Honorat: So Mathieu's been taught for several months and was completely ready for baptism when I got here. We were teaching him about the Priesthood and he went off about basically everything under the sun that is the priesthood... Needless to say, he's awesome. He's 21 years old and he was baptized the 21 of April.

The Mission is going great! Oh, and on Friday Elder Johnson and I killed the BIGGEST spider in our kitchen. It was NUTS!! We wacked it with a broom like 10 times, drowned it in the sink, and eventually sprayed it with enough poison to kill a horse. Then 3 minutes later we killed this Gnarly Cockroach. So it was a wild night.

Elder Casady

Elder Johnson Parkour?
Other Elders in the Zone eating Bokits post-baptism celebration
Mathieu!!!! He's so sweet!!! Elder Johnson and I are going to work with him a lot!!


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