March 12, 2018




Elder Steed


So this week was monumental. Why? Because yesterday 104 people came to church!! Since I arrived here in Martinique we've yet to hit that high of a number. It has a great deal to do with how many members invited their friends. There were 17 investigators there this week. In Sunday school we were packed in the the room like sardines. It was a wonderful experience.

We had to grab all the chairs from each off the class rooms and bring them to the "Chapel" then after first hour we had to go put them all back. The "hallways" were jammed and the only "bathroom" always occupied! It was amazing and such a blessing to have that many people there. When I started here the average was in the 60s.

Stephane came to church, he's the young man we've been meeting with recently. He's a great example to me. He's going to the university full time yet he still finds the time to come meet with us and read the Book of Mormon. He really liked church!

In other news, all my photos are from last P-day. We went to St Pierre which used to be the capitol of Martinique BUT in the early 1900s Mt Pelée the volcano on the island erupted and destroyed the capitol and killed every living person in the capitol except for ONE a slave who survived the experience because he was locked up in a small dungeon!! It's pretty epic if you ask me.

Merci Beaucoup, mes amis et ma famille
Je vous aime fort
(translation: Thank you very much my friends and my family. I love you)
Elder Casady
Lamentin, Martinique

In a separate email to mom:
Hey Mom I just wanted to say I read your whole talk and really enjoyed it. It was really cool. I know I don't say it often but I miss you and love you. Thanks for the kind words mom!!!! I miss you!!!!

1. Stain glass windows in the Catholic Church in St Pierre
2. St. Pierre Last boardwalk
3. St Pierre Ruins from the Volcano


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