February 26, 2018




Elder Steed

Big Things to Come

So something really cool happened...There's this young man we teach who's Amazing. He's 19 years old and reminds me so much of Joseph Smith.

He started his quest for God about a year ago when his life was at its lowest. He started going to church and found a church he liked, was baptized and enjoyed it. But over time he came to believe that certain things with the church he was going to were bizzare. For example they believe that when you feel the Holy Ghost it should knock you over and you should feel so good that you shake and scream and praise. He just felt awkward and didn't think that is how it should be.

So he stopped going but still believes in God and has been praying and searching for the right church on the earth.

Whenever we teach him it's amazing. He always uses phrases like, "Oh that makes sense" or "yeah I get that."

He's so humble and fun to teach. We are the same age so it makes things relatable. He truly listens to all the words we have to say. He's just so genuine.

Just yesterday we meet at Philippe's house and taught him there. It is difficult to describe the joy that I felt as I watched Philippe and Gladys bear their testimonies of the church. It filled my soul with such happiness and I'm so thankful to have had that experience. It was amazing to watch Stephan learn that they had only been members for just over 2 Months.

I still remember the first time Philippe saw the Book of Mormon and here he was testifying that he knew the book was true and how much it's blessed his life.

I will cherish that lesson forever.

God Speed

Elder Casady

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