February 5, 2018




Elder Steed

Be There or Be Square

So this week was great! We had a wonderful time-we went contacting in the mountains in Lamentin (photos below). We have so many other things to do it's so good to go contacting every once and a while.

Current things I'm trying to do:

Buy an Apartment
Buy 2 Cars
Sell 2 Cars
Close an apartment with 3500 euros of damages
Keep the Elders car alive until we sell it. Currently it has problems with the Exhaust, Turbo, Engine, A/C, Both front windows are breaking (that doesn't sound like that big of a deal but it is hot here and the A/C is broken) and finally the brakes don't work!!!!?????
There are more things but for the sake of time....

Anyways so it was great to go contacting and find people and do Missionary work. We've found some amazing people this last week.

Finally just gonna finish with a funny story. So we have this activity coming up and we made flyers for it. I thought it would be funny to put "be there or be square" on the flyer. So I looked up in the dictionary what to put, it said, " Soit tu viens, soit tu vaux rien" So I put that on the flyer and passed it out at church. I knew what it said but thought it was funny. The members didn't think it was super funny because if you directly translate then it says more like..."Be there or you're worthless." Kinda harsh.

Anyways, funny story.
Love you all. Have a great week.

From a separate email in response to a picture (see below) that we sent. So funny!:

Hey Dad, Just a quick response to the photo.... I couldn't be more proud... SO MUCH GRAY TOO!!

Seriously nice beard (challenge don't shave till I get back??)

Mom of course you're looking younger than ever before. And just so you know, anytime someone asks how old you are I always say 29. NO MATTER WHAT. I'LL NEVER BREAK.


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