December 25, 2017




Elder Johnson

Christmas Morning!

The absolute best part of Christmas was being able to Skype with Elder Casady in Martinique and Josh & Lexie in Utah. After having a good cry during our last Skyping session on Mother's Day 2017, I thought I would be more composed for Christmas morning. I was wrong. There is just something about being a mom and "seeing" your kids in person that brings out the tears (tears of joy). I couldn't even speak for the first few minutes. What can I say, I love my family and they know it....and none were the least bit surprised, I'm sure.

We had a wonderful visit. We got to talk for close to an hour forty five minutes. We met Cameron's companion, Elder Johnson and newly baptized Philippe (he was kind enough to let them use his computer and host Christmas dinner in his home). I wish I could have visited with them more but I was still trying to compose myself.

It's difficult to summarize the entire conversation except to say it was fun, so fun. We asked lots of questions and heard all about the day to day life of a missionary. We laughed a lot too. Cameron had lots of questions for us and was surprised to see how much his siblings have changed (and grown!). Josh kept us entertained while he prepared Christmas dinner. My favorite quote of the day was when Cameron stopped mid-sentence and said, "Can we all take a moment to appreciate that beautiful ham Josh just pulled out of the oven?" It was a spectacular ham.

There are lots of bugs in Martinique. The missionaries have to sleep in mosquito nets. Cameron said he always has mosquito bites. He loves serving his mission and absolutely loves the people. We heard all about Philippe and Gladys' conversion and baptism.

One thing that we will not soon forget was Elder Casady's testimony of obedience. As missionaries they follow very specific mission rules. This is for their safety and to help keep them focused on mission work. Missionaries don't go swimming...even in the Caribbean. Cameron said that although he has been in the Caribbean for a year and sees the ocean everyday, he had never touched the water until the day he baptized Philippe and Gladys (December 23rd). He is living in exact obedience and is being blessed for it .

We are so grateful for his testimony (that he shared in French!) and for his example. Our call ended as we knelt together for family prayer (also in French) followed by our family cheer. I love our family...and Skype!


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