June 3, 2019


Gettysburg, PA


Elder Beardall

To the place, I belong! West Virginia

Hello everybody! Transfers are thid week! I just got news I am going to Harpers Ferry in West Virginia! I am going to be moving into a trio with Elder Butler and Butikofer. Super stoked and cant wait to try a new area! For those counting this is my second area 😂

This week was so busy and so much fun! I went on exchanges with Elder Mendez and that night I saw fireflies for the first time ever! So cool! I have been waiting to see fireflies forever! Elder Mendez put on an organ concert last night that we were able to attend and it was absolutely amazing! He played How Great Thou Art which is totally my favorite!

We did service for a lady on Tuesday and she has invited us back to come make homemade speghetti with her. It is going to be super fun! Brother Hargiss took us hiking this morning which was such a great start to our day! We got to see big round top and Devils den!

This week I have been focusing on being more thankful in my prayers. And of course it really hekps me notice just how many blessings I truly have. I am so thankful for Christ and his sacrifice and the power of the Holy Ghost that I can have with me!

Have a good week everybody! Elder Baggaley out!


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