May 21, 2019


Gettysburg, PA


Elder Beardall

Spiritual Promptings

Hello everyone!
We hit the halfway mark through the transfer this week which just blows my mind.

The work has been going about the same as always but we had a really cool moment on Wednesday. Elder Beardall and I had planned to work in a town at the corner of our area and a soon as we got out of the car. He just said "I have a very strong prompting that we need to go back to Gettysburg." I didnt feel prompted to leave or to stay where we were so we went back to Gettysburg ASAP. And once we parked the car I could feel it too. We both were just speed walking around just wondering who it was that we had to talk to. Literally waving down every person that came into sight. Nothing. Then we both stopped and considered our options of where to go. Then we both turned to eachother and thought of going to the exact same place. We stopped by someone we had talked to shortly once or twice and he was ready to talk to us! He said he has been saying lots of prayers and trying to come closer to Christ! We had an awesome lesson with him! So 2 takeaways from that story (1) Always immediately follow spiritual promptings and (2) My companion is literally the best props to him for listening to the spirit.

After that the rest of the week flew by as usual. The ward has been awesome in the way they are willing to help us and the Lord is beginning to bless the Gettysburg ward!

In my studies I have had a huge focus on studying the Atonement and making it more personal! It has grown my testimony so much!

Last thing. A member of our ward took us on an awesome tour of thr battlefield this morning! It was a blast! And it has the only pictures Ive got for the week haha. I love you all! I hope you have a great week


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