May 6, 2019


Gettysburg, PA


Elder Beardall

Operation Butterball and Butterbean

Yet another fantastic week has gone by! I am going to be honest this transfer feels like it is flying by! I feel like I have been with Elder Beardall for about 3 days now XD haha. The other day we went to go teach someone who was interested in the church and the first thing he said when he saw us both is "Oh it's Elder Butterball and Elder Butterbean" I still have no idea what this means, but apparently it reminds him of some show from his childhood haha.

Anyways, This week it has really been cool to see how Heavenly Father hears and answers our prayers. I have been praying to have more people recognize us a servants of Christ and come talking to us and it has definitely happened! I have had more people recognize me as a missionary and talk to me than I have in the 3 months prior to this! It has been a cool experience!

Thrusday, we had zone conference this week and the church building we went to was out of Pennsylvania and in West Virginia so I can now say I have been to West Virignia! Sweet! Saturday was basically a normal day until all of the sudden we started seeing a whole bunch of dead bees everywhere. We even asked someone if they knew why it was happening and they were confused as well.

In my recent studies I am finally getting to the war chapters of the Book of Mormon again, which is fun! definitely my favorite chapters to get through. I have also been reading in the New testament and it is totally cool to see how the Book of Mormon and the Bible support each other!

I hope that everyone has an opportunity to do missionary work this week! I love you all!
(btw I am sorry I am so terrible at organizing my emails XD)

-Elder Baggaley


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