May 2, 2019


Gettysburg, PA


Elder Clayton

Gardening and Kilts

Hello again everybody!

I need to just start out this email with a big YES because I got the news that I am an uncle now that Jacob and Tiffany could adopt! WOOHOO!!!

This week was really wild! I have a new companion, Elder Beardall! He has been out 19 months and it from Payson Utah. So double Utah Elders, always fun to tell all the members we are both from Utah XD. I miss Elder Clayton and Elder Mendez and it has been weird finding out different ways to teach with Elder Beardall. However this has been one of the best weeks on my mission! We were blessed so many times this week. Brother Pitzer drove us for transfers and he wore a Kilt. he totally owned it wherever we stopped 😂. Then we had the chance to pull some weeds and put down some mulch for the spring which was surprisingly fun!

Idk what it was but so many more people were willing to stop and to talk to us when we started talking about Jesus Christ. Also lots of the people we are teaching started making more progression this week! We were scared if we were going to be able to make it to some of the appointments we had set because of our miles, but our zone leaders came in clutch and helped us out because they knew we were covering 2 areas for a bit.

Other than that, we saw the most adorable baby bunny the other day which totally made the rest of my night XD

I have a testimony of Jesus Christ being our savior. I put extra focus on the sacrament this week and what it really means to me and I already feel closer to Christ because of that. It is amazing the difference it can make throughout the week when we take the time during the sacrament to really focus on Christs sacrifice for us.

Looking forward to next week! I love you all. The work continues to move forward!


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