April 15, 2019


Gettysburg, PA


Elder Clayton

Sickness and Tornado Warnings

Hello again to everyone! I would just like to start out saying that I know that I have a testimony of Jesus Christ and this gospel. If we are constantly looking for ways to improve then and help others we will constantly be getting closer to Christ and feel him more in our lives.

This week has been a crazy good week! I started off on Tuesday feeling very sick though. I had to go into the doctors and they found I had an upper respiratory infection? Which isn't anything terrible but I have to take some medicine for the next 2 weeks or so to get passed that.
Yesterday around 8 we were visiting some members when we got told that the area was under a tornado warning. We drove home because Gettysburg wouldn't be in the area the possible tornado would be in.

We had interviews on Friday which was so awesome! I got to meet with President Mutombo and he just shows so much love to all of us that I always leave spiritually uplifted. I also found more ways that I can help and teach those around me better.

I have been studying a lot on the Christlike attributes in chapter 6 of Preach my Gospel. I have been focusing on one of the attributes to be constantly improving on. I have been working on Charity. It has helped my missionary work to see others as family and not as someone I do not know yet. I challenge anyone who reads this to find a Christlike attribute to work on this week and see how they can use that to bless others lives! I promise it will make a difference!

Im gonna start writing down some things I want to talk about on my weekly emails so I actually remember some of the things that I do XD So hopefully my weekly emails will start getting better. Thank you all for the emails I get back. Love you all!

-Elder Baggaley


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