April 8, 2019


Gettysburg, PA


Elder Clayton

The Third Missionary

Hello again everybody! 😎 so this has been quite the week. On Friday. We officially added another member to our companionship so we are in a trio! The newest member is Elder Mendez! I have gone on exchanges with him before but I always forget to send pictures. We now cover both the fairview area as well as Gettysburg so it has been a challenge figuring our how we are supposed to do that!

General Conference! Wow I absolutely loved listening to it this year! There was quite a bit of revelation just for me in it. Lots of the questions I had got answered! Yay! Lots of people are talking about how there were no big announcements this conference and that is okay because the point of conference is not bug changes. I think people still need time to adapt to the changes that have happened before we get more. However, for me there was a big announcement! My boy Vai Sikahema is in the area 70. Everyone talked about how he played for the eagles and that is great, but do they understand he literally played a key factor in the 1980 bowl game between BYU and SMU?!?! Haha! Oh! Before I forget just need to give my shout out to brother and sister Cannon! Awesome family!

We had some awesome lessons during the week and lots of them had to do with showing Christ like love to others. I have really been pondering how I can better show this Christ like love to others!

Also on my mind is the story of Nephi and Lehi in the book of Helaman. I am fascinated by that story and how their faith truly delivered them from prison and converted so many people! What a miracle!

I hope you all have a great week! I love you all!


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