April 1, 2019


Gettysburg, PA


Elder Clayton

Frozen Watermelon, Boston, and Potatoes

Hello Everyone! This week I probably had the hardest moment on my mission thus far. In our living area upstairs, it doesnt block out sound the best so you can usually hear people if they are talking loud when they go by. Well, Last night at about 9:45 A car goes by and it is blasting music. And I catch just a few guitar chords and immediately knew that it was the guitar solo in Boston- Gonna Hitch a Ride. It totally threw me into another world for a moment haha. It was so hard to clear my mind of that song for the next hour, but I was able to fall asleep XD

Also talking to one of the Spanish families in our ward, they said that they like to put their watermelones in the freezer. Now I thought that was a little weird at first but I keep thinking about how awesome that would probably taste.

So this week I went on exchanges with Elder Percy and Elder Mendez. I have a picture with Elder Percy but not with Elder Mendez. So im going to try my best to get a picture with him this upcoming week.

Our ward still does not have a bishop so we are going to stay tuned for after conference to see what happens. I AM SO HYPED FOR CONFERENCE! I have been updating myself and reading recent talks given by our prophets and apostles and I can truly see that they are leading us further in our Heavenly Fathers Divine plan!

I have also been studying quite a bit on spiritual gifts. Spiritual gifts are not only given for us to help ourselves but are mainly given so we can use them to grow stronger and bless others with these gifts. I just want you to ponder what gifts our Heavenly Father has given you. What are your strengths? and what are your weaknesses? How are you going to use your strengths to bless those around you?

Thank you all for the constant love and support! I love you all!


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