March 25, 2019


Gettysburg, PA


Elder Clayton

To bring the world His truth

Hello everyone! This week was full of ups and downs. We have not yet received a a new bishop and they don't expect to put a new one in until the end of April! It is just going to take a while with general conference and stuff. A member in our ward decided to bring out his suit jacket that week just to throw everyone off. and everyone was like "No way! Why is he wearing his suit jacket?!" It was way funny. Next, I am so excited to watch general conference this year. Especially since I was working during the 2 sessions they announced a lot of changes. And we have heard quite a bit of rumors about what might happen again XD

We had some awesome experiences this week. There was a lady on the other side of the street and she called out to us and was talking to Elder Clayton. She thought he was someone else, haha. It was funny, but then she was totally open to us stopping by and teaching her!

We had zone conference this week which was super uplifting. I had a lot of personal revelation about ways that I can be improving myself as a missionary.

All my life I have wanted to grow my testimony to the point where it is now and it keeps growing! The key is daily scripture study and prayer. I was reading in 1 Nephi 14 this week and I realized that the key difference between Nephi and Laman and Lemuel is that Nephi desired to know and took the time to come to know God. Laman and Lemuel didn't want to pray to know, they just said that Heavenly Father didn't "Make it known unto them" Prayer and scripture study is a needed process to create a lasting testimony!

Just wanted to thank the 8 or so people that made it through my email XD i love you all!

-Elder Baggaley


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