March 11, 2019


Gettysburg, PA


Elder Clayton

March Madness Brings March Miracles?

Hey everyone! It has been an amazing week! Elder Clayton and I have been trying our best to work with the members more and we are doing a lot better! We have come in contact with a lot more families that we are helping gain testimonies again! The members here have been really awesome and they spoil us. They go out with us to teach people all the time and truly put in effort to help us, They want to see the ward grow and reach out to everyone they can.

My first transfer has come to an end. I am still going to be working with Elder Clayton which I am really excited about. We are really starting to progress in the area and I feel the the work would have slowed down a bit if he had to go. People are just starting to really get to know us.

Lately I have been focusing on having a more uplifting personal study. I have never been good at keeping a journal of any kind. However I got a journal for my personal studies and I focus on writing down just any revelation I get and what verse I got it from. It has changed my scripture studies. I challenge everyone to focus on 1 way that you can further your personal studies of this gospel. I know that as you do so and continue to do so, you will see more revelation from our Heavenly Father!

I didnt get any pictures this week. I am sorry.

Also just a quick shout out to Elder Jex and Elder Coombs if they made it this far in my email! XD


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