March 4, 2019


Gettysburg, PA


Elder Clayton

Civil War Actors

Hello again everybody! Wow the weeks just seem like they are starting to go by faster and faster. But the days while you are serving can seem slow which is really weird. This week we saw quite a few people in uniforms getting ready to reenact the civil war. So random people on the streets in uniform, it was interesting. On Saturday we saw multiple bus loads of tourist getting tours all around the area. I can't imagine what it is going to look like in the summer.

The work has been starting to pick up for us. We found 2 more people this week and they are awesome! One we found because he requested a Book of Mormon from us. Once we got it to him he was super happy and way interested in learning more. He said he just hasnt found the religion that fits his beliefs yet.

We also had exchanges this week for my first time! I got to go with Elder Mendez and then Elder Percy (Sorry no pictures). It was really interesting to work with someone other than Elder Clayton haha. I am definitely gonna miss him when the time comes that he gets transferred.

Spiritual thought of the week. How have you done on keeping up on recent General conference talks? I find When I am having a hard time concentrating and need to do something productive, i feel a lot of peace when I read talks from our most recent General Conferences. I also have gained a deeper witness that the church is being led by a prophet of God! He truly knows how to lead us and give us counsel from our Heavenly Father!

Hope everyone has a great week! I love you all!


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