February 11, 2019


Gettysburg, PA


Elder Clayton

The house was on fire?

Hey everyone! This week has been such an amazing one! It has definitely had its rough moments, but through keeping my eyes on doing the work and trying to be like Christ, it hasnt felt as rough as it actually was.

The work has still been slow. We have had so many good conversations contacting people, but no one has accepted the gospel! It is very hard. Most of the work we have been successful in are the people we are already teaching. We have quite a few that are so close to commiting to be baptized! We have also done work with less actives this week and have seen some of them at church. I truly know that this gospel blesses individuals and families, you just have to fully commit to follow him and it makes it easier to see his hand in your life.

Okay, Im gonna explain the title and it was a pretty great miracle for this week. Me and Elder Clayton were helping someone move this week and in this house there was this massive heater in the floor. (It had a huge vent and was at the center of the floor) Nobody really noticed it as we moved stuff in there(it wasnt on) . When we left to get the last of the stuff, we found out one of the small couches was too close to it and it almost started on fire! (It turned on automatically) The smoke alarm started going off and we barely found out why it was going off before it started. So all of us just were super thankful nothing happened! Elder Clayton told me after his experiences woth fire and how he caught a fourwheeler on fire before XD. He has a lot of crazy stories including ones of him in the city of Baltimore. Apparently this year it won the most dangerous city over Chicago 😂. I got to meet the family living below us today and they are super cool! They told us a lot about the ghost tours they have been on and tours they have done walking the field. They have some crazy pictures they took and some of them literally scared me. I am super convinced this whole area is haunted. Especially the battle field. Idk why people go on tours, I think they are crazy, Why would you want to walk on a haunted battelfield from forever ago? Just knowing that people have died where I am walking is enough for me to say no 😂.

In my most recent scripture study, I have had Ether 12 come up a lot. I suggest you read the chapter. It talks a lot about becoming having faith and becoming humble to better follow Christ! Anyways, I love you all! Talk to everyone next week!


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