January 26, 2019


Provo MTC


Elder Brooksby

He has goat feet???

Hey everyone! this is my last Pday in the MTC! It has gone by so fast. I am so excited that I am leaving for Baltimore in a couple days! I have to be at the flight desk at like 4:30 AM though lol, although my flight leaves at 9. I am not going to explain the title... I am sorry but the other Elders did not want me to. I have recently been studying better way to study haha. And I realized I think one of the best ways to up your scripture studying habits and just the feel of your room is to keep your room clean and your scriptures open. Dont close your physical pair of scriptures, you should never "be done" reading them and when we leave them open it invites us to read. Whenever I open the scriptures or someone else does in my dorm, I can feel the difference immediately. So why not keep them open?

I have always struggled to memorize scriptures and know when to apply them, however I have been blessed and I have memorized so many now! Learning how to teach others can be so dificult and out of your comfort zone however I can feel the spirit guide me when I teach.

Anyways this has been a crazy week. I unofficially set the 3 point basketball record in the MTC. The record was at 7 (they reset records at the beginning of the year), But I hit ten 3 pointers in a row! unfortunately another elder hit 14 this week an my name never got up there :( I have loved playing basketball almost everyday. Elder Pew was bragging how his team has never lost yet just yesterday! We switch up the teams everytime but this time I made sure I played against him every time. And we did a series out of 3. The first game I scored all of my teams points to win haha. I was on fire. We ended up winning the series so I was super stoked. I have run into Elder Mahuru and Elder Weaver this week! I am going to have pictures with them as well!

Wow I have gotten to know all the Elders and Sisters in my district so much! All of them are like new best friends, however I feel like i've known them forever. Im gonna miss spending so much time with them, I am glad most of them are going to the same mission. I have lots of pictures to share that I will attach. So Im gonna say just a little bit about everyone in my district. Elder Brooksby (my comp) is probably the most hilarious person I have met, he can be super sassy sometimes ;). Elder Pew, He loves sports and music, He is very athletic and great at basketball, and he has written a couple songs this week! Elder Nagel, he is so focused on the work and humble, he is also from Texas and loves sayin all his jokes in a southern accent. Elder Brinkworth, he jokes with us all the time about how he was actually raised in a barn XD, He is also huge and we joke about how he can eat anyone here lol. Sister King, has a huge amount of red hair and its pretty cool haha, sheis fit and runs 6 min miles. Sister Morin is really tall and is a baller, she plays basketball and volleyball with us all the time. Sister Turpin literally laughs at almost anything anyone says haha. Sister Davey loves playing all the small games with all of the Elders and its hilarious because we will forget she is playing them. Sister May is from California and has the slightest accent, she is also a pretty good shot at basketball. And finally Sister Saltzman is a convert and is super good at participating in class and teaching the lessons.

I wish I could tell you all more about them but that would take way to much time! haha. Just know that I love them all. I hope everyone is having a great week!

Scripture: D&C 42:6

Quotes: "Don't worry, I'll just go on a split with the holy Ghost." -Me
"Keep that genetic defect going boiiii" - Elder Brinkworth
Random sister: " how many pizzas do you think it takes to feed the whole MTC? Me: (stopping to join convo.) "1 if you pray hard enough"

Sorry I don't like providing context for most of these.

-Elder Baggaley


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