January 12, 2019


Provo MTC


Elder Brooksby

First Week in MTC!!

Hello everybody, it's Elder Baggaley! wow I have had such a fun week. I'm gonna break down each day that I have been here for you then after I am going to attach a couple of pictures.

Day 1- Immediately They got me into my rooms and I met my four roommates and included my companion of course. My companion is Elder Brooksby! He is such a fun guy and one of my best friends. He is a little more quiet then me but when he does talk he is absolutely hilarious! my other 3 roommates are in a trio. (Elder Pew, Elder Nagel, and Elder Brinkworth) They are so funny and awesome and I am so happy that I can spend 3 weeks with them. We are all going to Baltimore except Elder Brinkworth, He is going to Texas. So anyways we get a tour of the area a bit, and then immediately get put in a class where about 50 of us new missionaries get to talk to people interested in the church and give our thoughts. It was SO spiritual! We then all were able to go unpack our rooms and get to know our roommates better.

Day 2- We had a couple of 3 hours classes that we attended and we learned how to better approach people. It was so awkward at first but we improved so much! We then learned a bit about prayer and how to get others to build a stronger relationship with our Heavenly Father.

Day 3- during both of our classes we practiced the lessons in preach my gospel and learned how to fully contact someone and set up a lesson. IMMEDIATELY after, they had us go and meet and contact someone interested in the church. So me and Elder Brooksby have an appointment for a lesson this Monday! We are so excited. Then we had our first time to go to the gym, Elder Pew is amazing at sports and loves basketball. He is so good at it! Right before bed some Elders in our residence area had a staring contest and one Elder kept his eyes open for 6 whole minutes! XD We were all so amazed! haha.

Day 4- This is our P-day, we have been really busy all morning but had the opportunity to attend the temple and now I am here emailing.

Just wanted to say I am really enjoying it here and I can't wait to keep on learning so I can give my all to the people of Baltimore. I Know that Christ loves us all and that if we always find ways to grow closer to him, we will have miracles in our lives. I know this because I have witnessed it in my life, especially being here, our Heavenly Father blesses you according to your efforts!

funny quote of the week: Elder Tew: "How many elders does it take to turn on a tv?
Elder Brooksby: "0 if you pray hard enough!" ;)
Scripture:Alma 5:16

I would love to hear from you all! I have a little more time to email today. If you want to send me mail I have the information below! Love you all!

--Elder Baggaley


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