December 25, 2018


Hilo, Kona


Elder Pratt


This email will be another short one! So the BIG ISLAND... wowzas the island isnt too bad 😍 Hilo has a nickname that is "the rainy side". It rains pretty often but it's mostly during the night. All the rain makes it super green here so it's very pretty.

So hilo kind of reminds me of Morgan a little bit. It's super country. there are boot stomping yee yee kickin red necks out here. Probably something you werent expecting huh? Well there are boars here and anyone can shoot them. People are crazy out here. They will keep rifles in the back of their truck and when they see a pig they will park and shoot out the window and throw it in the bed then gut it as soon as they get home 😂 its whole other world out here.

We cover the Honomū branch. All the members are mostly oldies but when they shoot a pig they call us over to help them gut the pig and polish the tusks. Sometimes they will ask us to help them set up pig traps. Were pretty busy with a lot of service 😂

Our area is the coastline of the very north part of hilo. The ocean is right by where the road is that we drive on every day.

Shout out to my guy Zach larsen for getting his mission call to Yakama Washington! Hes gonna kill it!

I will write more next one but I hope you all have a great Christmas and a happy new year! :)

1 and 2- 🌊🌊
3. View from our members property. 😍
4. Bacon 🐖
5. Toodles Honolulu
6. Last but not least, my boy pac with some Christmas lights to lighten up the pad!


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