January 29, 2019


Navarre, FL


Elder Barkdull

The work is rolling

Sorry I have been so bad about writing the past few weeks. It's been weird.
We had the assistants come and go on an exchange with us this past week. Elder Barkdull was extremely sick so basically I traded off which Elder I went with during the day. I spent some time with Elder Garner and some time with Elder Bryan. Had a really odd situation with Elder Bryan while we were out and about. So a few days before Christmas a family in the ward had taken us caroling and introduced us to a few homes where their friends lived. Elder Bryan and I happened to be in the area of one of them and went to swing by. It just so happened that the guy was outside with his dog so we started to walk up to talk with him and he very rudely and quickly shewed us away. So we walked around the block and were going back to our car and he was looking in it. He had called the sheriffs unit and reported our plate... We walked over and he chewed us out for parking where we did and "sneaking" around the neighborhood. Fast forward to Sunday, we talked with the member who he worked with and he filled us in on why he acted that way. About a year ago there were guys going around acting like church people and robbing folks so he had every right to be mad. I just wish he would have chilled out just enough to let us explain who we were and let him know I had met him before but, life goes on.
In other news, the work here is finally rolling. We had a great experience with Caitlyn this Weekend. Her Mom has a friend who has recognized the change that has happened in Caitlyn and has a daughter who is struggling. Her daughter's name is Jade. So Jade, her mom, her brother and her sister all came to church on Sunday and loved it! They asked for a copy of the For the Strength of Youth pamphlet! Way cool to see Caitlyn set an example even though she isn't a baptized member. Just goes to show that we all have the light of Christ in us!
Bonus story for the week. Our ward had its Pine Wood Derby and I was in charge of weigh ins and what not. Well, one of the boys didn't quite have his weight right so we took off his old weights and put new ones on. I also was lucky enough to help him fix his wheels as they had become angled after a drop from earlier in the day. His dad is in the military and was working so I got to help him out( He actually is one of the sons of one of my favorite families in the ward so he was basically my little brother). After applying all the tricks I knew from my dad his car, driven by a Lego Thor, was ready to go. He ended up placing third! Should have had second but a little bump in the track caused his car to derail. I was super happy for him!
All in all it was a good week!

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