January 3, 2019


Navarre, FL


Elder Barkdull

Happy New Year

Hey y'all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Not to much to report on but the last two weeks flew by super quick. The biggest news is that on July 1st they will be dissolving the Florida Tallahassee Mission. Parts of it will become part of the Jacksonville Florida Mission and parts of it will become the Birmingham Alabama Mission. The change will not effect me personally because I will be going home before then. I have an officially date that I will fly home on. It will be June 20th. I do not have an official time but as it gets closer my mom will let y'all know when and where to meet. I haven't given too much thought about any of this because 6 months is a good chunk of time to get work done! We are still working with a young girl named Kaitlyn. We are hoping to commit her to be baptized towards the end of January. She is ready! We went over what she has picked up from seminary and church. Yes, she already decided to start going and yes she loves it! She understands a lot of the basic doctrine of Christ and I'm super pumped for her!

Ok so 2 cool stories that happened today! Elder Barkdull and I were invited to have dinner with this young Filipino Family named the Lagmay's. They had invited their neighboors and of course the Lord had his hand in this one. The family they invited is the Wheeler Family. We had some basic conversation about where they are from and what we are doing as missionaries when we find out that Bro. Wheeler is from Mississippi and loves to golf! I of course love to golf and it just so happens that Elder Barkdull loves to golf. So, here we are talking about John Ram, the Phoenix Open and irons when he says "ya know what... I should take y'all golfing of one of your other days off. Would you mind exchanging numbers?" BOOO-YAAAH! Two blessings for the price of one! Not only did he ask for our number but he wants to go golfing...what a bonus. He also showed some interest in what we believe. As you all know (espesically Brother Randall who I hope reads this) Some of the best man to man talk happens on the golf course. So pray for two things. 1 that I can keep my drives straight and 2 that the Wheeler' s will be open to hearing our message.
Ok second story... Brother Lagmay decided to have a little fun with Elder Barkdull and I. He has some meat on some sticks that are all covered in foil. One of the sticks has pig intestines while the rest have regular pork on them. Well guess who got the one with pig intestines on it.... you were wrong not me! Sister Wheeler did and she goes 'heck yeah' and bites right into it! Turns out shes from the Philippines too. Apparently pig intestine is like a popular street food over there. So at first I'm like good I didn't get it but then I'm like dang I want to try this. Well Brother Lagmay said ok Elders now you try... So I was like how bad could it be? Turns out that it smells horrible so that almost made me vomit but it didn't taste too bad to be honest. I ended up eating three sticks of it. Elder Barkdull was a champ and tried it but didn't chew it for more than 10 seconds. Brother Wheeler on the other hand stayed across the room from it! Super fun! What a way to end 2018!

Anyways I love y'all and will see you soon!

Elder Brock Goates


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