October 8, 2018


Theodore, Alabama


Elder Moser

3 stand-out stories

Only three stories stand out this week:

1) Elder Moser and I put the Brasley family on date bringing the number of families with a baptismal date to 22! The Gonzales family will be baptized this Saturday.

2) While I was on an exchange this past week with Elder Young, we were in a neighborhood walking around trying to find people to talk to. I saw a home and felt like we should go knock on the door. As I was headed up to the door a dog jumped out from behind a boat and ran at Elder Young and I. Now I've always told myself what I would do if this happened but instincts took over this time. Elder Young jumped back and I took a quick step in between the dog and Elder Young. Now this dog stopped dead in its tracks. At this time the owner yelled from across the yard. He called us over and took care of the dog. Apparently the dog had bitten 3 people recently. Bill was the dogs owners name and he ended up accepting a return appointment. Cool story though.

3) So today Elder Moser and I were at Walmart and we were in the checkout line. As Elder Moser went through the line he asked the man at the register how he was doing but got no reply. He also told him thanks after he was done, again no reply. It was once I got to the register that I noticed his tag which read "Hearing Impaired". I then without even thinking introduced myself in ASL. I told him I was Elder Goates. It took a second for me to explain that I was a missionary for our church because I couldn't remember all of the signs. But I figured it out. He used a few signs I didn't know but somehow the Spirit let me know what he said. As I was leaving he thanked me for sharing what I did know in ASL. I knew he knew that I knew very little sign language but to see his smile that didn't exist before our chat was a blessing.

I love y'all!


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