November 1, 2017


Bainbridge, Georgia


Ethan Scott Belliston

Remember the gift of agency

Just for the record it was a weird week with a lot of time spent in the apartment for reason of the bedbugs. WE DID GET RIDE OF THE BUGS!!!

Monday, October 23:
Just another good ol' fashioned P-Day!
Tuesday, October 24:
District meeting to start the day off. And might I just add that it was quite a good one. On our way home we visited a few less-active members as well as a few referral. We also spent time updating our records. Towards the end of the night we got a phone call from Tallahassee (Where the mission home is) that informed us that Astro pest control would be coming by the next morning to get ride of our unwanted pets. The process that was going to happen was as follows:
1) Pack up the entire apartment
2) Load all of the apartment into a sealed trailer
3) Let Astro take our stuff back to his office and pump it full of gas
4) Spray inside of the apartment with other chemicals to kill the bed bugs.
5) Bring stuff on trailer back to the apartment and unload
6) Unpack the entire apartment and reorganize
Wednesday, October 25:
Because of this strenuous process we Spent the whole morning packing and loading a trailer. We went about the rest of the day trying to teach the gospel but people just weren't opening their doors. We were eventually able to finish of the night with a branch trunk or treat party. Drove to Marianna to stay there for the night.
Thursday, October 26:
Have I ever told any of you how amazing it is to know that you no longer have to share a bed with bedbugs? I haven't? Well let me just exclaim that it is a great feeling!!! The only things we did today were unpack, eat, and visit Alvin.
Friday, October 27:
Today we were able to meet with a member named Brother Martin and work on some of his family history. He then went with us to a lesson with Amaris. Later that day the office elder brought us new beds!!! Perfect way to end the day.
Saturday, October 28:
Today we were finally able to make another long loop around our area we visited people in Iron City, Donalsonville, Colquitt, Brinson and even one in Bainbridge. To keep from making this to long I'll just give the update on Alvin. We have read the Book of Mormon with him. Specifically the 2nd and 4th chapters of 2nd Nephi. As we have read he said he has had a "spiritual awakening" and has had many questions answered this week. Elder Belliston and I are very happy to see his progression. We were also feed by the Cleveland family who I have come to absolutely love.
Sunday, October 29:
Because we didn't do it on Thursday we did our weekly planning today after church. It was a pretty good day. Lisa and Coby feed us dinner again.

Scripture and a Quote:

"And there shall also be many which shall say: Eat, drink, and be merry"
2 Nephi 28:8
while others will say...
"We don't stop until we are safely dead!"
-President Samon

Please remember that it is the gift of agency by which we are able to choose the way of men or the way of God.


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