April 6, 2020




Elder Ramirez

Final Message from President and Sister Vega

Dear Elders and Sisters of the Peru Piura Mission,

Together with my beloved wife, we want to express to you our most sincere gratitude for having served as a faithful servant and true disciple of Jesus Christ. We know that your short or long stay for many of you has not finished, and surely is just beginning on this earth. Always remember that the work of the Lord, in inviting, helping, teaching, and sharing the gospel is an eternal commandment. All of us were chosen by the Lord in the premortal life and now we are immersed in preaching and bringing His gospel to all parts of the earth. As disciples of Jesus Christ, you must continue taking these eternal truths to all people wherever you find them.

The fact that you have parted without the usual prior testimony meetings and departing celebrations greatly pains us, but we will be happy to know that you are going to be committed to the Lord completing your assignments worthily. We invite you to continue reading a book of scripture (Book of Mormon, New Testament, D&C, The Pearl of Great Price) just as we have been doing in the mission. Keep alive the Spirit of the Lord and conserve the spiritual level you have reached in the mission; you are different now than when you arrived here. See the good and positive that you are.

We want to tell you that we love you, and that we will miss you, but we stay with the satisfaction and blessing of having known you. We have learned from each one of you; you are wonderful children of a loving Heavenly Father. The Lord loves us, blesses us, and protects us. He is always at our side, and we know in the deepest of our heart that this is His church and that He directs it, that the prophet Joseph Smith is the prophet of the Restoration, that the Book of Mormon indeed contains the fullness of the Gospel and that by reading it and pondering what it contains it will allow us to get to know the Savior more, that the prophet Russell M. Nelson is the current prophet called by the Lord and that he receives continuing revelation from our Heavenly Father, who we love and sustain. We say all this in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

With deep love,

President and Sister Vega
Peru Piura Mission 2018-2021


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