March 17, 2020




Elder Ramirez

Letter 81

Crazy stuff going on here in Perú. The first case of coronavirus came into the country like a week and a half ago and since then, people have lost their minds here. We are in a 15 day quarantine!!! Totally sucks, cause as missionaries we literally have nothing to do haha. So, I'm going to go out of my mind these 2 weeks, but hopefully this helps things to calm down. Other than that, we're doing good.

Axel had his interview this week and was going to get baptized, but that is gonna have to be postponed. Nancy, who has been in Chiclayo for about a weekish, called me and she's doing great. She's in Jacob now in the BOM, so she's doing great. Nicol and Hadeth are also progressing pretty well, so hopefully this quarentine thing doesn't mess up their progress too much.

Other than all this mess with the coronavirus, this week has been great! Being with Elder Ramirez again has been way fun. We already know each other (since we've been companions before). We have the same time out on the mission and he loves to joke around, so we have been having a ton of fun. I have literally zero leadership responsibilities right now, so my life is way chill. haha

It's been pretty crazy with all this stuff that's been happening. Especially with church too. It kind of stinks to not be able to go to church. I do think this is a great opportunity that we have to meet in our homes. I think it makes so much sense. The Church introduced a home focused curriculum that shifts the focus more on home gospel learning and now we have the opportunity to show our faith. I think if we take advantage of the opportunity and we are obedient and faithful, we will be able to learn to become more spiritually reliant, and be able to be strengthened spiritually.

Hope you all stay safe!

Btw: We met this crazy cat lady who said that her husband left her because she had too many cats. I was thinking, wow that's kind of harsh. But then when I asked her how many cats she had, she said 60!!! And a total of 100 that she feeds every week. So, maybe her husband was right haha.

Elder Andelin

From Brock's Mom:

Brock should still be able to email once a week. A member who lives close by is allowing the elders to come to his home and email/video chat with their families on P-day, since the internet cafes are closed. He is only allowed to leave his apartment for groceries or emergencies. He went shopping today and said that there didn't seem to be a shortage of food. He got a little more than normal just in case. He is with 3 latino elders in his apartment and they do have a soccer ball, so he says they may be playing their own version of 'indoor soccer.' Other than that, he is not sure how they will pass the time. You can only read scriptures for so long. He is feeling ok about things. Just hoping the quarantine lifts sooner than later, so he can get back to working with his investigators and being a missionary.


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