March 9, 2020




Elder Ramirez

Letter 80

This week we had transfers and my companion Elder Montenegro went to Piura. Actually, he went to my first area Jorge Chavez. I have a "new" companion now. The reason why he's a "new" companion is because I've already been his companion before. Flashback to my days in Jorge Chavez, for anyone who doesn't remember, it's Elder Ramirez!! Crazy transfer. I was not expecting it at all. Especially since Elder Ramirez has already been in this area before haha. I'm way pumped though because my last companion was wearing me out. So, I'm happy to be with someone easy to work with.
While I was waiting for transfers I was with Elder Howes, our zone leader, that's actually from my group and it was super fun. We had to go to both of our wards so it was like 4 hours of church haha. We also got these burgers at this Venezuelan truck that were amazing. I don't remember what an American burger tastes like, but this burger was the best one I've eaten on my mission.

This week Axel should be having his baptismal interview. He's a 10 year old kid we've been working with. So, hopefully everything works out with that, but just a quick thing that I was thinking about this week. We were teaching a member about obtaining knowledge and in preach my gospel it says to obtain knowledge by studying and by faith. I loved that because I think obtaining knowledge by faith is so important. For example, if you're paying tithing, you could read all you want about tithing, but you won't actually have a true understanding of it until you actually pay tithing and receive the blessings of doing so. I have totally learned that on my mission, I have learned about the gospel all of my life, but my understanding of it has completely deepened because I am living it now in a way I have never done before.

Have a good week.

Elder Andelin


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