March 2, 2020




Elder Montenegro

Letter 79

Roller coaster week this week. It started out pretty rough. The first four days all of our appointments were falling. Then the baptism that we were gonna have with Hadeth got postponed, for reasons that were out of our control and i was just feeling frustrated, and it made me have a bit of a negative outlook on everything. I was frustrated with my companion and I felt like no one that we were teaching was actually progressing. Also, it is just so stinking hot here.

However, everything changed when we had an appointment with Nicol who has a fecha for March. We asked her if she had read the Book of Mormon and she said yes. It was a pleasant surprise. Then we asked her where she was at in her reading and she had read 7 chapters! That was a huge tender mercy for me and my attitude totally changed. We had a great lesson with her, and she came to church this week! Also, another kid that we are visiting is Axel. He's 11 and he was never baptized because his family went inactive. Now we are teaching him and he is progressing really well. He came to church this week too! On top of that ,Nancy is just on fire with the gospel right now. She is already in the middle of 2 Nefi!

Those were just a handful of the miracles that we saw the rest of the week. It was a huge testimony builder of how the Lord knows us and what we need. If we are obedient and we trust in him. We will always be blessed!! Also, it is so important to be positive. No matter where we are we can always find negative things in life, but the positive things are there as well. If we focus on the positive we will always be happy. There's another missionary that lives with us in our room who is a convert of about a year and a half. Just 4 days before I got to Perú, he was baptized. He said something that I thought was so interesting. He said that for almost his entire life, he was living without joy. But, ever since he was baptized he feels joy everyday. That change is something that can only come through Christ and living his gospel.


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