February 18, 2020




Elder Montenegro

Letter 77

Hey everyone-

This week went really well. Our area is starting to progress a lot more. Hadeth came to church and is gonna get baptized on the 29th of February. So, that's awesome. We put 3 more people with fecha this week. We are seeing miracles in our area.

We had our multizone and interviews this week. That was a huge spiritual boost for me and my companion. Me and Elder Montenegro have had some downs. He has anxiety and sometimes is a little immature and difficult to deal with. But, the interviews really helped him and this week was the best week that we´ve had together. So, hopefully things keep following this trend. I also did an intercambio with the zone leaders and that was fun. Both of them are from my group, so it was a blast. Their pencionista has a parrot for some reason, and it can repeat words in spanish and stuff. I think that was the first time that I've actually seen a parrot up close. So, it was cool.

We also had a stake conference this week because the stake presidency was reorganized and my teacher from the CCM was there, Hermano Sosa!! Did not expect him to be there so that was cool to talk to him. I can't believe a year and a half ago I was in his classes learning spanish haha.

There was a member of the seventy that gave a great talk that I absolutely loved on Sunday. He talked about the book by Charles Dickens, 'A Tale of 2 Cities.' He pointed out the contrasts that it uses like, it was the best of times, it was the worst of times. He said how sometimes we fall into the trap of wanting to be somewhere we're not. For example, when we think, 'oh i will be happy when I finish college and start working, or I will be happy when my kids are older and aren't so loud, or i will be happy in the next life (which is true). However, we have to learn how to be happy where we are now, no matter the circumstances! The people that are happy in the this life will be happy in the next, and the people that aren't happy will remain unhappy in the next life as well.

Also, Elder Lyman told me that Deyber´s sister got baptized!!! (Deyber is the 15 year old kid that we baptized in Sullana) Super awesome! Hopefully the rest of his family will be soon to follow. The gospel is awesome!

Have a good week!
Elder Andelin

pics: Pic with Hermano Sosa (CCM teacher)
Me and Spanish speaking parrot
Note that Sis. Vega wrote in my planner.


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