January 14, 2020




Elder Diaz

Letter 72

Let me tell you a little bit about Peruvian Healthcare. Rewind to Wednesday and we have an elder who is fairly new and his body is still adjusting and he has just been getting wrecked the past few weeks. He's had it all. So, this week he had been having fevers and I told him to do the basics. Just rest and take some ibuprofen if needed. So, I get a call from Sister Vega and she told me to set up an appointment right away for this guy. The reason is because his companion is super dramatic with any type of health issue and he always takes his companions to the hospital without telling me until he is already there. So, the elder's companion told Sister Vega that this guy needs to go to the doctor, when really he didn't. Anyway, I set it up and they went and I went to my area and later on I get a call from the elder's companion and he told me that the sick elder was getting hospitalized. So, I had to run over there and figure things out. When I got there, they were already putting the Elder in his room. I was confused as to why he was being put in a hospital room, so I asked the nurses and they said that it was for "an unspecified fever." Probably the most vague thing they could have thought of. When I asked for more info, they said that they didn't know because they couldn't read the doctor's handwriting. So, I had to wait for the doctor. The doctor finally shows up (3 1/2 hours later) and by this time President and Sister Vega had shown up too. The hospital ran a few tests and gave him medicine. It was now 11:30 pm, so Pres sent us home so we could go to bed. The next day I had to go back to the hospital to check on the elder. They still had not really done anything, except given him paracetamol (a medicine that costs 30 cents.) A few hours later, Sister Vega showed up and we just took the elder out of the hospital room because they were just wasting our time and trying to suck as much money out of the church as possible. So, in conclusion, all that happened was that after a 2 minute checkup by the doctor, he immediately sent the elder to be hospitalized without giving a good reason why. The elder had to stay there overnight and they gave him a medicine that we could have bought ourselves for cheaper. All of that cost the church hundreds of soles. So, I left that one a little irritated.

But other than that, this week was alright. We found some new people. Our struggle right now is the same one we´ve always had. Not being able to find the investigators that are progressing. They're all on vacation, or have no time. So that's always frustrating. We finally got to visit Manuel and he's doing really good. He's read up to 1 Nephi 8 and he wants to go to church. He's just been so busy with his police academy stuff. The good thing is that he is progressing well.

Funny story from this week: my comp and I were in the car with Sister Vega and at a stoplight. A guy walked up with window cleaner and started to try to clean the windshield and get her to pay him, even though she signaled to him no. So, when he started to try and clean, she sprayed over it and wiped it off with the windshield wipers hahahaha. It was the most savage move I've seen on my mish. Man i totally lost it! haha.

2 weeks left in the office!! Lets go! I'm so ready to get out of here haha.

Well, I hope you all have a good week.

Elder Andelin


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