November 25, 2019




Elder Arteaga

Letter 66

Alright, good week this week. This was probably the best week that I've had in the office, missionary work wise. We actually got out to our area on time almost everyday. We also found some new people that may actually progress! And I'm looking forward to going to out in our area again haha. I'll give you the top 4 people that we found this week.

On Monday, we found Vanessa. She was a person we had contacted last Sunday and she's a single mom that is super awesome, super humble, and looking for change in her life. She even accepted a fecha! She works on Sundays, but we can work with that. Then, we found Rosa and Alex the next day. I might have already talked about them, but this week we finally taught them a lesson and it was a really good one. They are super friendly and very interested and also accepted a fecha. However, Rosa is convivo which means she's not married and lives with her boyfriend. I'm not a fan of the boyfriend. He doesn't want to listen to us, but we can work with that. Last, we found Jiliana who is probably the best person we found this week. She's a single mom and her dad has listened to the missionaries before. She's awesome! She accepted a fecha and said she wants to go to church. So, definitely a big answer to my prayers and thank you for all of your prayers as welI. I know that they helped!

Fun health story for the week. So, flashback to 3 weeks ago when we went sandboarding as a zone. An elder ate it pretty good and then about a week later he said that his shoulder was hurting a little bit. He thought it was just a bruise. Another week goes by and he tells me that his shoulder is still hurting. So, we told him to go get an x ray, but he didn't put it at the top of his priority list and did it a week later. When he finally got the x ray, his clavicle was snapped in half! Like it was broken! Roto. For 3 weeks it was like that haha. So, now he has to go back to the states to get the surgery. He is gonna take about a month off of his mission. I think that's the 6th missionary that we've sent home since I've been in the office.

So, it was my b-day this week. I turned 20. I don't feel any different, but it was a good day. The best thing that happened to me was that I didn't get egged like last year. That was honestly the worst. Other than that, my comp made me a homemade cheesecake that was wayyyy good. Today, me and my dawgs went to Chilis and ate lunch. Then they all pitched in and bought me a molten lava cake, so that was really nice. The Chilis guys sang happy birthday to me. It was funny. A good birthday all in all.

I think im gonna go hit up the food truck tonight too and get some Venezuelan burgers. That's it for this week. Thank you all for all the love, support, and prayers.

Elder Andelin


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