September 9, 2019




Elder Arteaga

Letter 56

This was tranquilo. Honestly, nothing really happened. I didn't have any health problems this week. It was weird. It was prob just the Lord giving me a quick breather before I get a bunch of problems next week haha. I've been leveling up in my cooking lately. I cooked some tilapia fillets with some lentils and avocado. That were way good. I have learned that I love cooking for myself. It's the best. I can just eat what I want and it's forced me to learn how to cook a few things. So, Ive been evolving in that aspect. Oh... but there was this one day this week where another pencionista from another area invited us to eat tacos and that's a big deal because tacos are almost impossible to find. So, we took that opportunity and we went and it was soooo good. They weren't even real mexican tacos, but even something close to mexican food tasted amazing. This guy even made horchata. So im hoping he invites us back.

We just had our stake conference yesterday and it was a really nice one. The big theme was ministering and all of the talks worked really well together. One of the things that the stake presidente said that I liked is that we are all ministers. There are 3 responsibilities that we have as ministers. 1. Missionary work-ministering to those that are not of our faith. 2. Ministering amongst ourselves. 3. and Family History work- ministering to those on the other side of the veil. These three things apply to all of us and if we can do them we will be able to strengthen the church a ton. It amplified my perspective on ministering a little bit.

Oscar had his baptismal interview yesterday, He's gonna get baptized this Saturday. So, I'll let you know how that goes.

Have a good week.
Elder Andelin


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