July 8, 2019




Elder Arteaga

Letter 48

What's up everyone? This was the craziest week of my entire mission! I have never been so busy in my life haha. So, this week I basically got trained by Elder Randall to be the new secretary of health, records, and English. Elder Randall is super cool, so it was fun spending the week with him. Basically, what I'm in charge of is the health of all of the missionaries in the mission. This week for example, I set up 4 appointments to the clinic for different missionaries and I have to send insurance in, so that they can go. I also have to figure out if they really need to go to the clinic, or if they're just being a baby haha. The health stuff will probably be the most stressful part of my job because I'm just supposed to know how to help the missionaries with all of their health problems. Luckily, I got my own computer, so I'm gonna be on google a lot I guess haha. I also am in charge of all of the records, so like all of the baptismal records. I have to keep track of those and enter those into the system every week. I also do a ton of reports for president on the baptisms of the mission and how we are doing. The English part of this job is easy. I just do some reports on the Latinos and how they are doing on their English. I also help them take their english tests if they are leaving the mish.
It's funny because i feel like I'm in a completely different mission or something because everything just changed so fast. I went from living in a garage, in the sand, in Huangala... to living in the richest part of Piura, with AC and HOT WATER. We don't have a pencionista, so I'm going to have to upgrade my cooking skills, but I'm excited about that. Our ward here is amazing. They are awesome members and they help a ton in missionary work. They even have a violinist who plays the hymns in this ward! So, I'm pretty excited. I do have an area I'm assigned to and we go out and do missionary work, once all the office stuff is done. It's going to be different, but I'm excited to learn more about the mission and how everything works and for the chance to work closer with President Vega. My companions name is Elder Arteaga, he's from Lima. He's also a secretary, but he deals with like all of the rooms and other stuff. He seems like a good dude. Im probably going to be with him for at least 4.5 months so hopefully we get along:)
Angelo and Deyber got baptized! it was awesome!! My camera broke, so i don't have the pics, but my old comp took some, so I'll try and get them. I was able to go to both baptisms.

Have a great week!
Elder Andelin


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