May 27, 2019




Elder Lyman

Letter 42

Whats going on people? Pretty eventful week this week. The stock market is back up in Huangala and eggs went up from 3 to a sol to 4 for a sol. Our week started out kind of rough. We didn't have any lessons at first because everyone kept telling us they were gonna be there, but they were'nt. Although, towards the end of the week, we had some awesome miracles!

First, my companion contacted this guy that was driving the car to Huangala named Aron. He's 22 and he set up an appointment with him. We went and this dude is awesome! He told us, "Yeah, I see you guys walking around and you guys seem really happy and at peace with life. I want you to start visiting me every week." We told him that wouldn't be a problem. He even said that he would take 2 hours off to go to church every other Sunday. That was crazy because those driver guys never have time because they always are working. So, that is a sacrifice. We are super excited about him.

Saturday night my companion was renting a haircutting clippers from this dude because he likes cutting his own hair. So, I was talking to this 15 year old kid named Deyver and he was super amazing. I invited him to church and he said he would talk to his mom. We went by the next morning to pick him up and he was ready and everything and he came just because we invited him! He really liked church too. He said " Why do i feel so happy here?" So, we went after church to teach him and then his brother came in the room and we started to teach him too! Serious miracles like the last 3 days of the week.

We had changes again. Of course, I'm staying with Elder Lyman, but 20 missionaries left, so they made Sullana one big zone again instead of 2. Since a lot of the guys that left were leaders, they decided to turn things over to the new generation of leaders and I guess that means me because now I'm district leader. I was definitely not expecting that. I feel totally inadequate and unprepared. I read a scripture in 2nd Corinthians I think that was talking about weaknesses and Paul says that he rejoices in weakness because, "when I am weak, then I am strong" When we feel we are weak or incapable, if we turn to the Lord, He will make those weaknesses into strengths and we will become strong. I'm turning a lot to the Lord right now and asking for Him to help me.

Love you guys. Have an awesome weak.
Elder Andelin

PS: sent a pic of the poncho I was telling you guys about last week.


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