April 1, 2019




Elder Diaz

Letter 34

Whats up everyone?!

Had a good week this week. We just finished the first round of our mission's Piura Cup and we won our games! So, we´re going to Piura next Monday to compete. It was pretty fun. It got super heated haha. I'm a little surprised we got authorized to do something like this, but I'm not complaining. We even made jerseys and everything. They're pretty sick! Unfortunately, they spelled my name wrong. I don't know why it's so hard for the Peruvians, but they can't get my name right haha. You can see it on the picture.

I put up some exercise rings in our apartment and they're so nice! Now, I can do pull ups and stuff, so thanx mom.

Our areas going good. We had 4 people come to church. The Venezuelan family came again, and 2 others that have a ton of potential. We were pretty excited. We also had an awesome multizona this week. We talked about the role of the spirit and we watched an Elder Bednar video of him talking with some missionaries. It was amazing. One of the things he said that I really liked is that the spirit isn't our tool as missionaries, we are the spirit's tool to touch the hearts of the people in the lessons. Our job is to be worthy, at all times, so that we can bring the spirit into every lesson. The spirit can then testify of what we are teaching. The other thing that I loved that he said is that teaching isn't talking, teaching is listening and observing. That is so true! Sometimes, as a missionary you can kinda fall into a routine and I find myself zoning out when my companion is teaching. Listening to Elder Bednar has helped me work on locking myself in on the lessons, so that I can listen to the people and observe their responses to questions and doctrine. Then, the spirit will tell me what to say. There's a ton of other things i learned, but those were just a few.

It was a great week. I'm super pumped for conference.

Have an awesome week everyone,


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