March 11, 2019




Elder Diaz

Letter 31

KLK everyone!

I hope you had a great week, because we sure did! So, our mission president announced that there's going to be a Piura Cup. This is where all 11 zones of the mission will play in a soccer tournament. They used to have this tournament before, but they stopped doing it for some reason. So, this was a huge announcement haha. We have a lot of white people in our zone, so that's a problem. I'm gonna have to play like a Latino haha. The good news is our zone leader played professionally before the mission, so he'll be our secret weapon.

Transfers were last week and nothing happened with me, but there's 4 missionaries in our ward and one of them got transfered. The new guy who came is an Australian. The only one in the mish. He's an awesome guy, so it'll be fun to get to know him better. I saw a guy with a Lonzo Ball jersey today. I don't know where he got that in Peru, but respect. I have no idea how the Lakers are doing right now, but it was a nice little reminder of home.

We saw a ton of miracles this week! It's awesome to see how the work is progressing right now from where we started. Here's one example: So, me and my comp were hungry and we had like 10 minutes before our next lesson. We decided to buy some bread to hold us over. We started walking in the direction of the bread place and we saw this random guy sitting outside his house, reading the Bible. He called us over and we talked with him about the Bible and we shared a little message with him. He is super awesome and has a lot of potential to progress. So, that was a cool. The funny part is that we didn't even end up buying bread haha.

Another miracle happened yesterday. We were inviting people to church in the morning and we stopped by this less active members home. We invited her to come to church, but she said that she had to cook lunch for her husband. We were thinking...nice excuse! Her mom happened to be there at the house while we were there. She had listened to the missionaries before, but it didn't work out. We decided to invite the mom anyway. She responded with the classic, "Si dios quiere." Which means "Yeah, If God wants me to, I'll go." I don't like that phrase because they never come when they say that. I always think, "Why would God NOT want you to go to church?" We left and we went to church and when we got there, the mom showed up! We were not expecting that at all. It was a huge miracle because if you remember, we had 1 person come to church our entire last transfer. This transfer we've had 6 in 2 weeks. Things are looking up.

Have a good one!
Elder Andelin


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