February 4, 2019




Elder Diaz

Letter 26

Hey everyone!

This week was pretty dope! To start things off, I killed 3 ducks at a members house. Never done that before haha. The food afterward was really good though.

Today I needed a haircut and I didn't know where to get one and then my district leader Elder Carhuajulca said, "I'll do it" and I was like, "Alright, let's see what you got." He actually ending up giving me the best haircut I've had here in Peru. I had a video, but this computer stinks and it won't let me upload a lot of my pics. We also played soccer today and I absolutely went off with like 6 GOALS. So, that was fun. However, the coolest thing that we did this week by far was when we went to a banana chacra. Remember how I said that they grow all of the bananas here and ship them off to America... well, one of the members owns a banana ranch. We did a service project there and it was so cool! I had a machete and I was cutting down trees and we saw how they process the bananas. So, the next time you buy Dole bananas, you'll know that they came from Huangala, Peru baby!

A part from all the cool stuff I did this week, I've been focusing on getting to know the members better and I've been learning a lot from my companion. He's really helped me improve my personal study. I love studying now! I could honestly study all day. There's so much stuff in the scriptures that I had no idea about. If you're not reading your scriptures, you should start reading them. It doesn't matter how much you know or don't know, you can always learn new stuff. Well, that's it for this week.

Have a good one,
Elder Andelin


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