January 15, 2019


Jorge Chavez


Elder Ramirez

Letter 23

Hey everyone this week was a good one. We had 5 of our investigators show up to church this week. That was nice, including Jose. After church, he told us that he feels like the path he is on right now is the best he has ever chosen in his life. So, we were pretty happy after church yesterday. Jose and Carlitos both have baptisms scheduled this Saturday so if all goes well we should have two baptisms. But knowing the mission we are probably going to have some challenges with getting them baptized so we{re going to do everything we can to get them in the water. I learned how to make my favorite Peruvian dish this week. It's called Lomo Saltado and it's rice with onions, tomatoes, peppers, potatoes and steak and it is the bomb. I'll keep practicing and then I can open up a restaurant in the states or something.
But that's about it this week, Cuidense

Elder Andelin

To the Fam:
Hey hey sounds like a nice week. Finally, dad caught some fish. You guys are starting to see some blessings from me being out here on the mish. The new temple changes sound awesome. I can't wait to go in a year and a half haha. I also heard that the youth can record during baptisms for the dead. idk if thats true. but that's what I heard. Week went well. My mind wasn't as focused as I would like it to be, so I'm going to refocus this week. I bought a blender today, one of the best decisions I've made here. It was 90 soles which is like 25 dollars and it's pretty nice and now I can take it with me everywhere I go for 2 years and make smoothies.

Alright, I wasn't sure if I should put this story on the main chain email, but you can put it on if you want. This story was pretty crazy.
So, I had an intercambio with Elder Izquierdo in his area and this guy is funny. He's kind of different and he's a little slow but he's awesome. We had a good day, including when I contacted one of his investigators and he didn't say anything. He just let me keep talking haha.
But anyway,s we were contacting and we knocked on this door and this guy answered and we talked to him. He invited us in his house and told us that he knew some missionaries back where he used to live and they were like family to him. But, this dude was a little weird the way he looked at you was a little strange. He even invited us to his daughter's wedding. He told us that he had to go, but he would love to talk to us another day, so we were like sweet. Before we left, he said if he gave us some food, would we eat it. We were like sure. So, he left to go prepare food, but while he was gone I was thinking to myself and I just felt a little uncomfortable. This guy was a little too friendly and I just felt like we should leave. So, I told my comp that I felt like we shouldn't eat the food and he said ok and we told the dude that we had to go. We left and that was that. I kind of forgot about it.
But 2 days later Elder Gavidia came up to me and said that the guy we contacted was a witch, or a wizard idk. He told me that they went to talk to him and he invited them in also. As they were talking to him, he told them, "I have a gift. I can heal people and I can see the future. Do you think my gift is from God?" They were like... uhmmm, i don't think so and as they kept talking he told them some even crazier stuff! He said that the devil whispers in his ear at night and that he can see spirits. So they were like let's get out of here. But, he invited them for food too and they said that they were in a hurry, but they could bring it with them if he wanted. So, he gave it to them to go. When they got to their room, they looked through the food and they found blood! It turns out that this is some dish that witches make to get people super sick, so that the people will come back and pay them to heal them.
The moral of the story is that the spirit warned me to get out of there and not eat the food. I didn't even know it really, I didn't understand why, but I'm glad I listened because if I didn't idk what would have happened. I would have gotten poisoned or something. That's my crazy story of the week. I know that the Lord is with me every step of the way.


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